Morus Quin’s Undeniably Cool Art

"Hi, my name is Morus Quin. I have written an artists bio to help convince you that I am cool and so is my art. I hope it is working. I spend a lot of time thinking and making work... Continue Reading →

Ceramics and live pottery with Ed Whitelock, self-confessed Pot-ed

Ed Whitelock is a Sydney-based ceramics artist. He works within the traditional practice of pottery, making a majority of his works using a throwing wheel and firing them into a reducing atmosphere. His works aim to discover new and innovative... Continue Reading →

Psychedelic GIFs with Oliver Ryan

Graphic designer currently stationed at Leuver Design, a studio in Potts Point. Lover of all things wonderfully weird. Avid 70s and 80s sleeve art enthusiast.   Dives:¬†Hey Oliver! I've seen you at enough Pond and King Gizz concerts to know... Continue Reading →

Salmon Pink and Hyper-feminity: What we love about Cream & Bone’s installation art.

Cleopatra in Calamine Lotion (installation & performance) Paloma Grace Maine (Cream & Bone) is a performance & installation artist based in Sydney. With an undeniable love for Salmon Pink, Cream & Bone creates life-size works that take you to a... Continue Reading →

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